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This page includes training materials to help you with iPro.

Online: Click here to contact us in the iPro Support Room
Phone: You may also call our main office at 1-859-344-1925. Ask for "Car Part Pro Support for Mitchell integration."
Online and Phone support available 8:00am-8:00pm Eastern, Monday-Friday

Integrated Car Part Pro Basics
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This webinar will cover the exciting connection between Mitchell Estimating and Car Part Pro, including:
  • How easy it is to launch a search from within your estimating system, and quickly search for all of the parts on your estimate
  • The enormous database of alternative parts and suppliers that are available on Car Part Pro
  • How to find parts that meet your requirements for price, quality, supplier certification, warranties, delivery, and more
  • The simple workflow that allows you to find either an individual part or an entire assembly that meets your needs - and update your estimate with information about the parts you found.
This webinar will show you how Car Part Pro's integrated workflow helps you find the right parts at the right time!

Training Materials

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